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Jul 16, 2010
@ 12:47 pm

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  She Runs Music Video Cast and Crew

Directors:  Jonathan Combs and Joe Childress

Set Design:  Sarah Rogers and Brent Richardson

First Assistant Director:  Luke Lashley

Second Assistant Directors:  Paige Perry, Nicole Zschiesche, Jena Krzeminski


Karen:  Brooke Peoples

New Years Guy:  Jacob Combs

Coffee Shop Guy:  Andrew Wong

High School Karen:  Elizabeth Peterson

High School Cheerleader:  Chiara Miller

High School Guy:  Clark Nowlin

Jr. High Karen:  Autumn Hartt

Jr. High Guy:  Charlie Ray

Jr. High Dancer:  Macie McClong

Jr. High Dancer:  Carmen McCoy

Jr. High Dancer:  Kelly McConnell

Jr. High Dancer:  Jake Smith

Elementary School Karen:  Kayla Lehew

Elementary School Guy:  Kyle Lehew

Toddler Karen:  Kara Lehew

Toddler Guy:  Kaden Lehew


Behind-the-Scenes Filming:  Brittany Ulrey

Photography:  Sara Moses

Gaffer:  Peter Marsh

Key Grip:  Riley Morris

Construction/Grip:  Shane Constable, Josh Forrest, John David Soria, Chuck Gasser

Grip/Stage Hand:  Derek Macdowell, Tyler Walker, Lauren Taylor, Josh Usry, Jacob Brahce, EB Borders, Jacob Bloch, Nick Waken, Rik Sehgal


Jun 28, 2010
@ 11:34 am

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Best moments from the NYC and Knoxville/Nashville trips.  We’re still doing booking for the fall, so I added the booking e-mail at the end.  If you have any good ideas for shows (schools, churches, venues, house shows), send an e-mail! 


Jun 21, 2010
@ 1:41 pm

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I’m playing this Wednesday, June 23rd at the National Underground in New York City!  Show starts at 9pm.  To learn more about the show, click here.

I’m also playing a FREE show in Nashville this Saturday, June 26th at Ugly Mugs.  To learn more about this show, click here.

These are both really big shows for me and I would really appreciate your support at them.  Thanks so much; hope you enjoy the new song!


PS If you don’t have my EP “Make or Break”, download it free here.


May 11, 2010
@ 8:23 pm

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Midwest Tour, Tennessee Shows, Free Music

Hey Everybody!

Tim Halperin here, and I’m so excited to let you know about my upcoming Midwest Tour, as well as a couple of other shows this summer.  Things here have been going full throttle here as we’ve been traveling around playing lots of shows.   Also, I graduated on Saturday which is exciting!  My plans are to be based out of Fort Worth, Texas and continue playing shows and record a full-length CD over the next year.  If you have any show ideas (schools, churches, backyards), or want your school to be a part of the Sorority Tour, please e-mail us at

Here is the schedule, please click on the show to learn more about details such as location, time, etc.  If you are in the area, I’d love to see you at a show!

May 12 - The Slowdown in Omaha, Nebraska at 9pm

May 15 - The Recordbar in Kansas City, Missouri at 7pm

May 19 - Mars Cafe in Des Moines, Iowa

May 22 - Relay for Life at Nazareth Academy in La Grange Park, Illinois at 8pm

May 24 - The Elbo Room in Chicago, Illinois at 8pm

May 25 - Central UMC in Winona, Minnesota at 7pm

June 19 - The Bandwagon in Fort Worth, Texas at 8pm

June 25 - House Show in Knoxville, Tennessee

June 26 - Ugly Mugs in Nashville, Tennessee at 6pm

July 3 - Ginger Cove 4th of July Party in Omaha, Nebraska


If you want to download an unreleased, exclusive track called “Crash Course to Hollywood”, go to Brite Revolution!  It’s free to join and free to download! 

To download my newest funny song about Chick-Fil-A, right click here and download the file.

We’re recording a music video for “She Runs” in July.  We need lots of help building the sets.  If you’re in Fort Worth July 7-9, click here to get involved.  Also, if you can and want to help pay for all the sets we’re building, I would love you for life.  To help financially, send Paypal payments to

Finally, to see me and guitarist Clark Nowlin serenade an unsuspecting Wendy’s restaurant with my “Wendy’s Hamburgers Song”, click below:

wendys screen shot.jpg

Your support for me and my music means so much to me.  Thank you for giving me the motivation for what I do.  I always love meeting new people and staying informed on what you all are up to as well.  So please connect with me on Facebook and Twitter.  Can’t wait to meet some of you during the next couple of months on the road!

Freshly graduated,

Tim Halperin


Mar 21, 2010
@ 1:58 pm

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Watch the March Vlog and see me take my ‘95 Oldsmobile Achieva offroading!  

The events of March were pretty crazy and all over the map. Here you’ll see highlights from concert trips to College Station, Houston, Austin, and the SMU Sorority Tour. Also, you’ll see Tim take his ‘95 Oldsmobile Achieva off-roading at the JT Farm in Spicewood, Texas. Definitely a sight. Shows this month included:

3/1 SMU Sorority Tour

3/4 Texas A&M On-Campus MSC Townhall Coffee Shop

3/5 Mugwalls-College Station, TX

3/6 Dunn Bros. Coffee Shop-Katy, TX

3/12 House of Blues-Dallas, TX

3/18 Red Gorilla Music Fest Showcase-Austin, TX

3/20 Chris Hawkes SoCo SXSW Concert


Mar 5, 2010
@ 1:03 pm

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Showin some love to my boy @benrector  He just came out with an awesome full-length CD called “Into the Morning”.  I’ve been jammin to it all week and you should too.  Check out this sick video of him and the guys recording the song “Dance With Me Baby” live.


Mar 5, 2010
@ 12:50 pm

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Music and College

I’ve finally gotten some downtime in the middle of a long week.  We went to SMU on Monday and played the sorority houses to promote our Dallas House of Blues Show next Friday (HOB Dallas Show)  Then it was schoolwork for me, with a 4 page paper and midterm in Investments II (which I no doubt failed miserably).  After the test I hit the road for College Station for an acoustic show on-campus last night.  The drive was incredible…windows down, sunflower seeds, Third Eye Blind and the Fray, sunglasses, straight to the soul.  Now I’m about to go do a radio performance and interview at 1pm (listen here) and tonight the rest of the band is driving down and we’re playing at Mugwalls here in College Station (Mugwalls Show).  This show I am particularly excited about because it will be our first full-band show to headline here in College Station and the people here have responded really well to the music.  It shows that the Sorority Tour is working, which is exciting and relieving after handing out so many free CDs.  Last night the on-campus show was amazing…an awesome turnout and it was fun to play a solo show since I haven’t done that in a while.  They actually had a baby grand piano for me to play on, which was a major plus.  Tomorrow I’m going to Katy, Texas to play acoustic at Dunn Bros. Coffee Shop (Dunn Bros. Show) which works out perfect because I can catch the TCU baseball game earlier that afternoon.  One more piece of exciting news:  we got offered a showcase at Red Gorilla Music Fest!  We’ll be performing at 7pm on Thursday, March 18th at Cuba Libre in Austin, Texas.  If you’re in the area, please come check it out!

If you enjoy the music and want to take a part in helping promote it, I’d love to have you on-board.  The biggest thing right now that you can do to help is to recommend the Facebook Fan Page to your friends on Facebook.  Click here to do it.  I am all about letting others take part in this journey with me.  If you have any other ideas for promotion or talents that you want to use to help out, please e-mail me at  Thanks for enjoying the music, stay tuned as this journey continues to get more exciting!


Mar 1, 2010
@ 1:03 am

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This is a video promoting my good friend Bryan Sims, who is running for Texas A&M Student Body President.  Also, we’re playing a full-band show at Mugwalls in College Station this Friday, March 5th at 8pm.  Check it out here for more details:


Feb 24, 2010
@ 2:59 am

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Here is the video blog from my trip to Arkansas yesterday for the Sorority Tour.  It was a very fun, long day.  I was joined by Harrison Hanvey, who helped with passing out CDs and filming.  If you want me to visit your sorority/campus, e-mail me at


Feb 21, 2010
@ 3:58 pm

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Pictures from Common Grounds in Waco, Texas »

Holy crap, check out the amazing pictures posted from our show last week in Waco, Texas!  Thanks so much Shailey for posting!